Ahmet Can ÇAKIR

Software Engineer


Hello my name is Ahmet Can.I'am 21 years old.I use a computer since my childhood.I was always wondering how to work softwares.I start coding to high school(14 years old).First my begining to language C# console app.3 months later level up and form app.I watch a lot of science fiction movies.Iron Man movie is change my mind and life.I saw JARVIS and I'm wondering it be possible.I started first search i so hard to search because not any have information my language and no any one help to me but I'm stubborn.I always think is if we can dream or thinking is can possible in to real life.Finally i make it to EMILY this program made C# can be speech recognition,face recognition,search on the web.This project approved to Erasmus+,
TÜBİTAK (Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey).Took me to Erasmus Belgium,Netherlands i made a presentation.

Work Experiences

Software Engineer

Cikotvau | 2020 - Present

I programing to CRM.I use programming language to Python,PHP,HTML,CSS,JS.I use framework and library to OpenCV,Tesseract OCR,Selenium,BeautifulSoup,CodeIgnither,Jquery...

  • Machine Learning use to Data Analysing.
  • CRM.
  • E-Commerce.

Software Developer

Foriba(SOVOS) | 2020 - 2020

I was started web programming this company and i work on the ERP,CRM,CMS.

Software Developer

NKR | 2019 - 2019

I programming to car recognition on the Python,C++.Deep learning firt detect car to live image second classification to detect third find to brand and models and recognition plate.

Intern Software Developer

TKGM | 2015 - 2016

Turkey general directorate of land registry cadastre i was intern.

Backend Developer

INTA Engineering | 2015 - 2015

I was work IT specialist.